What are some examples of creative thinking?

Most people have at least once experienced the feeling of total absorption in an activity that involves listening or playing music. Many also experience intrinsic joy.

Riva (2015), Serino Cipresso Gaggioli and Riva (2015) observed a relationship between music, flow, and experience. Imagine a musical performance. The orchestra has a clear understanding of the moment and the musicians seem to be in flow. With their intense concentration, they can enter into a state called flow. Many people can experience a flow state through Divergent Psychology Perth video games. Klasen Weber, Kircher Mathiak and Mathiak (2012) investigated the flow state of video game play. They concluded that gaming flow was partly due to the balance of player ability and game difficulty, concentration, feedback and control.

Jenova Chen, Nicholas Clark and game designers created a game called Flow based Csikszentmihalyi’s flow theories. This game adjusted its difficulty and reaction based on the actions and skills of the players. This personal challenge-skills balance allowed for less skilled players to gain more control over the gameplay. This was important to allow them to feel more involved in the game and help them achieve flow.

E-learning has been a key tool in educational institutions as well as businesses. The use of e-learning tools may help reduce issues such budget and trainer costs. We can conclude that this type of learning is a good way to learn. Individuals must be able to set clear goals and work within their skills level.

Choi, Kim, Kim (2007) devised an elearning success model using flow theory to evaluate data from an e-learning site. The results indicated that there was a strong relationship between elearning and flow experiences, with flow playing an important role in learning outcomes.

Do you ever lose time while reading? Are you so focused on one activity that you lose track of time? Or are you so absorbed in the task that you don’t notice anything else until your mind stops and you regroup?

Hobbies are a great example of an autotelic activity. Regardless of external rewards, there are always something intrinsically motivating to do.

Taking a break and engaging in creative activities that you find interesting can improve self-esteem, boost motivation, and increase wellbeing (Burt & Atkinson (2011)). Why not take the time to learn a new skill, such as knitting, crocheting, photography, or writing? You often overlook the body’s enjoyment potential. Learning to control your body and understand your level of skill in an activity will help you gain confidence, while simultaneously allowing your mind to relax.

Practice and the acquisition of skills is a great way to enjoy your abilities. You can also receive feedback about our successes and failures.

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